Socialism doesn’t exist (because there is always the rich boss-class)

I just trot out the super-billionaires who get any money they want whenever they want it (and politicians) and their foundations.

The family names are kind of familiar and every one of their super-multi-billionaire foundations are ultra-leftist and have pushed socialist programs at every turn. Their banker members smashed the Fed onto us, like it or not, they pushed the United Nations down our throats, they financed every program that sunk their subjects.

The Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie Foundations, George Soros, and the rest of them. They finance all the non-profits including the 501c(3) Media Matters. Why do they support programs that are created to seize their own resources? Because they’re just nice? Why DID they support the Soviet Union, the nation that confiscated all private industry? Why did the promote their own demise, and end to their power, in other words, and promote a central command and control government to make it happen?

In the words of a friend who spent six years in the Soviet Union and saw what was reported as the short-lived coup by hard-liners, he said, in his words, “There is no such thing. Socialism doesn’t exist”.

Libertarians could learn something I think from the way he said that. Arguments against the stupid equality talk are missing the point and missing the mark, in other words. Those things must be said, and von Mises totally demolished all arguments for socialism, but most people don’t think that deeply because they’ve been conditioned to talk about “fairness” and “equality” and “democracy”.

Instead, use their own criticisms of the super-rich and blast the fire hose of truth at it.

The super-rich use their power to promote equality but in the words of the upper class of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, some animals are “more equal” than others.

Pick apart the semantics of the “climate change” arguments for them and throw the pieces into their faces. “Some climate scientists” are more equal than other scientists? Okay then, my scientist can “beat up” your scientist. The famous Michael Crichton-Al Gore debate for a New York audience is egg in their face. The debate that flipped the majority opinion in two hours.

Take every chance in the gays’ “equal rights” debate to bring up the fact that there are thousands of outspoken ex-gays who are NEVER invited to debate in the media.

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