English Royalty rights to the King James Bible??

This from a critic of the King James Bible:

Distributed under a Letters Patent, and as such to print, copy, circulate, or otherwise distribute, is illegal, unless one has permission of the holder of the Letters Patent, in their office as Authorized Agent to act for and on behalf of Her Majesty, the Queen of England.
Now I realize that the United States of America prides itself of piracy, and breaking the laws of the land. That, however, does not mean that that is acceptable behaviour. jonathon


Who gave the English monarchy the rights to control the Word of God?

I don’t have any “social contract” (by which the philosopher meant “political contract”) with any government. Nobody asked me. Nobody said pretty please or tried to make such a deal. Null and void then, thrown out of the court of truth.

God forbid that this legalese be used to try to collect royalties from anybody who prints a copy of the Holy Bible. I’d bet that in a fair and just court hearing on the issue even in British courts, they would laugh it out of court in the first fifteen minutes. That’s how long it would probably take for the judges or jury to understand that (1) they didn’t really mean something else and (2) they were serious.

Satan HATES the KJB above all “translations”. When a “gay man” filed suit in Texas court against the publishers of Bibles, they made clear they were suing against the King James Bible; meaning, not publishers of other versions.

Wycliffe puts the whole idea to shame, supporting translators for some of the tribes of smallest population in the world, even while they themselves supporting the collection of royalties for the translation efforts of those who want users to pay for another of a HUNDRED English language translations and “paraphrases”. How many ways can you supposedly say the same thing?

This is one of the biggest Achille’s heel of the modern translation industry, in fact.

Every new version MUST make sure their words differ from the KJB and all other versions enough to get those precious royalties, from the sale of their version of the best selling book of all time.

The Papists once upon a time tried to blow up the King and the Parliament, in the Jesuit-led Gunpowder Plot. This is the first inkling I have heard of that they may even try to shut it down based on copyright law. Congress and their shadowy sponsors tried to use this and were blown back by the reaction.

But I figure they’ll use some kind of “hate speech” legislation against the KJB.

Figures though. After all, the whole idea of a “copyright” was created by kings in the first place, to censor books critical of them. You had to get a license, a “right”, to copy a book for sale. A “copy-right”. Oh yeah, that’s got to be why they call them ROYALTIES.

There is a popular romantic notion of royalty these days. Nice figureheads, but now we elect or select a king from among permitted initiates of the “Boss-man class” who serves a few years and then goes away. Unless he doesn’t go away.


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