Power-hungry militaristic Congressional candidate

There is a new candidate for Congress that wants to nationalize all the local and state police forces in the country and says he has been “promised” the seat in Congress in deals. His list of credentials include special forces commands in the Air Force. The guy is dangerous.

Sew the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind.

Not enough to follow Lockheed Martin and warmongering political animals into making disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and now Syria.

Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein controlled their populations with an iron hand that was required for the culture as seen in the effects. Those two protected their Christian people much better than the American occupation did, and much better than the disasters left behind over there.

Gaddafi especially. He publicly renounced terrorism by name, turned al Qaeda operatives over to the NATO nations, more than the neocons wanted to ban all nuclear weapons from the entire Middle East (even Israel??!! Can’t have that can we?).

Gaddafi was organizing Africa for a pan-African currency, backed by real solid gold like his own dinar. The central bankers of the world cannot allow that, so of course a rebellion followed and the first thing the al Qaeda/ISIS warlords did when they took over Tripoli was, guess what, create a CENTRAL BANK!

The proto-ISIS guys were so mad about Gaddafi’s protection of Christians and the fact that the people really did love him, that they carved crosses into the flesh of the dead corpses they killed in the town they “ethnically cleansed” of BLACKS.

If “Black Lives Matter”, why are they not protesting Obama’s part in the genocide of black Africans in Towargah?

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