Are there good reasons to distrust the government? Most Americans do!

There are many reasons the rich have to hide their resources, even from governments, even especially from governments. People that hold office or work for governments are no better than the rest of us. Government workers have sold social security numbers, police cooperation with criminals, legislation to competitors, and many have even sold out entire industries like Mom and Pop raw milk sales (do the search on the Amish farmer who was framed for doing this supposedly).

And after the Cyprus confiscations, one is well advised to be wary of the American government. After all, it took the Attorney General two days of Rand Paul’s filibustering to admit that the federal government has no constitutional right to kill American citizens on American soil, and Obama signs off on unconstitutional kill lists that send drones raining down death on more civilians than the bad guys on said lists.

The rich are targets for kidnapping, especially “south of the border”, and I want to retire there. I am way negative in debt, but GOOD people that far up there have a reason to take reasonable precautions to cover their identities as they begin to increment their incomes.

This is more Police & Surveillance State stuff. If they were serious about ending the violence of the drug war, they would take the obscene profits for drug dealers out of the equation by (1) de-criminalizing the illegal drugs and (2) abolishing the monopoly benefits of drug patents.

Removing the part of the profit margin that comes from the illegality both (a) shrinks the incentives and (b) removes the “bad guy” factor (only those willing to break laws sell banned substances).


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