Denmark citizens prefer bikers over current mass engineered migration

At least some townsfolk in Denmark prefer Hell’s Angels over the current wave of immigrants and rapists:

The politicians talk about “compassion” (liars) but this is a forced migration with the purpose of destroying the last vestiges of Christian culture (including what’s left of Christian compassion by the way) in Europe. The Soros-engineered wars in the Middle East, with enforcers in the White House feeding financing and weapons to ISIS through surrogates Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and the Syrian “moderates” that John McCain pretends are boy scouts, all this is not only to create chaos in the nations surrounding Israel.

It started when the NATO forces crushed Libya. The racist al Qaeda (same as ISIS, don’t let them fool you) took over and Libyans fled across the water. The Soros-International Money Cartel puppets in Europe announced a free-for-all welcome, and the rest is history.

Hard to say at this point what will happen. The common citizens, even in Europe, are now demanding more law and order than ever, more police state. They just might get it.

The States is a hot potato. Americans have such a cross-generational distrust of government and a tradition of making the Bill of Rights a sacrament, that it will be hard to make them submit like they did Europe and Asia. It will get ugly though.


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