Which English BIble version is best for ESL speakers?

I have mentioned that I know personally two ESL (English as a Second Language) Christians who are assiduous students of the word, one from Haiti and the other from Brazil.

Both of them have tried modern translations first.
Both of them have Bible-agnostic pastors.
Both of them told me that they can sense the much stronger language and easier understanding from the KJB.

Both of them came to this conclusion on their own, guided by their love for the word of God. By the way, they were both led to the Lord and to salvation by believers (native American speakers) who were agnostic on the issue of versions.

it’s a “small statistical sample”, but they are 100 percent of all the ESL Christians I know who have tried both comparisons. But…

They put the lie to the idea that ESL speakers understand modern translations better.

In fact, one of the pleasures of speaking Spanish and from my lessons in French and Russian is that the Second Person pronoun has different words for singular and plural. This is something that has to cause an interruption in the smooth flow of Bible study for non-native English readers. They are accustomed to language that distinguishes between the singular and the plural pronouns.


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