KJB Defenders are everywhere, all backgrounds

I am neither IFB, nor Pentecostal of any stripe, nor Calvinist.

Nevertheless, I can count among KJB-defenders of personal acquaintance two ESL speakers, one from Haiti and another from Brazil, who said they sensed the difference in the spirit with the KJB.

I know some who are of various “non-denominational” congregations, who express this despite the agnostic stance of their own pastors who profess that it makes no difference which one their congregants use. I myself became convinced through the fact of finding out that there were some who were saying it makes a difference. My early “spiritual mentors” had used the KJB but later on admitted the use of other “modern” versions for witnessing to ESL speakers.

I fit no particular traditional doctrinal category, really. My background is apostate Pentecostal preacher’s kid, who became atheist, was won back to Christ during the Jesus People years, became a missionary and now am merely a software developer. There are a number of Messianic Jews as well, and by the way the official English translation used by the GREEK Orthodox Church is the KJB.

On the other hand, the originals-onlyists are actually modern-language-translation advocates almost all. Some of the first who condemned the KJB were Charles Darby in England and Cyrus Scofield in the U.S. The latter moaned that he had to do his “Bible notes” because Americans (of ALL denominations) would never (at that time) accept a substitute for the KJB. There is also the early effort of the Westcott-Hort deadly duo, with contributions by Tischendorff.

They now include Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, of course Anglicans, Episcopalians, Rick Warren’s followers (the most promiscuous in his quotes), Billy Graham’s followers (how can anybody criticize Billy Graham’s endorsement of the “Message” paraphrase “Bible”?). Oh I’m sure the socialist Jesuit “Pope”, who lost his first try earlier then dethroned the earlier “winner”, despises the KJB.

Westcott and Hort, according to Hort’s own son, HATED the Bible (KJB), ridiculed Genesis (from the Creation through the Flood), said the miracles in the Bible were impossible, Christ’s expiatory sacrifice was a horror, said Jesus’ miracles were fairy tales and the Resurrection was a myth.

So they elaborated another “original language”, ahem, “New Testament”.

KJB defenders are of all stripes, and I would not be surprised to find even a few “Catholic” outliers among them.


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