Israel, Christian Zionism, History, “By their fruits”

The American church has more than an Israel problem. Too many of the “leadership” of Christian churches has made their pulpits a platform for bellicose militancy, masking the liberating salvation message of Jesus Christ with a promotion of war. They are promoting a warrior culture, treating the warriors as if they were defending the faith, and trying to Judea-ize the gospel, as if the circumcision of the flesh were worth anything at all anymore. We even find in the words of the prophet Ezekiel that the circumcision of the flesh is meaningless! What matters is the circumcision of the heart!

Forgotten are the words of Jesus Christ that the kingdom of God would be taken from the Jews of the day and “given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof”.

Forgotten in the pulpits are the fruits of the fulfillment of the prophet’s words, that “he came unto his own, and his own received him not”.

Jesus told the parable of the lord of the manor that went on a trip whose servants killed the lord’s own son, thinking they could keep the land for themselves. The Pharisees knew it was about them, for their forebears had killed the prophets, and they were plotting to kill the Son of God.

God still loves the “natural branch”, but what counts after Christ just like before Christ is the faith of Abraham, not the flesh of Abraham, and not a geneaology.

By their fruits ye shall know them. Deir Yassin’s fruits, part of the ethnic cleansing plans of the Zionists, was not just the direct goal of the Irgun attack, which was the panicked exodus of tens of thousands of Arabs from Palestinian areas, but it is the Zionist legacy that still haunts them.

It was not even a Biblical occupation of the Promised Land. It was a massacre. The numbers are lost in a confusion of misinformation by the cover up and the refusal of Israel’s government to release its own records to avoid inflaming the world (even more?) against Israel.

But one might speculate that the cover-up of that information is itself a cover-up, meaning they plan on never releasing the real thing.

Today’s secular Israeli government, denied “Jewishness” even by the Orthodox rabbis that are granted special privilege, never even pretended to be a “Biblical” regime.

Why do Christians lift up the military protection of this state founded on principles of denying Christ, as if it were a godly duty?

The promises to Abraham were unconditional, and fulfilled, stamped “Done”, in his seed when Jesus Christ, son of David, cried out “It is finished”, and rose triumphant from the grave on the third day.

I am not “against Israel” any more than I am “against Monaco”. The salvation message of Jesus Christ is the most important thing. The Great Commission is a Christian duty. Going to war for foreign or domestic lusts is not. Read James again.


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