Does your diversity initiative include Christians?

One Shirley Davis wrote about Rosalind Brewer’s comments about diversity and the backlash that followed.

Your bias toward this amorphous and undefined “diversity” goal blinded you to the what actually set off the firestorm backlash. She said she didn’t like sitting across the table from a bunch of “Caucasian males”. You’re demolishing the credibility of the rest of your comments that way. –This is probably why the Facebook comments did not have the same reaction.

But that’s the problem too. You want diversity at the CEO level? How about measuring the genetic racial content. Rosalind Brewer and the author of this article both have skin tones that suggest they have very significant Caucasian ancestry. At least we can know that both have a YY chromosome pair, versus XY. (At least most likely).

As Piercarla noted, small businesses cannot adhere to such an arbitrary mandate. When you have a workforce of 50 or 100, you MUST know and trust EACH colleague MUCH more than the CEO of Sam’s Club must trust each of 11,200 employees.

For THAT reason, I cannot fault a small BLACK-owned business or HISPANIC-owned business for having mostly black or Hispanic employees or colleagues.

I know that’s maybe heresy in today’s politicized top-down Doublethink Policy Manual, but it’s facts.

I’ve had no problem working with female bosses or colleagues. Better sometimes than with the guys.

And can we stop the nonsense about diversity producing better results or more profit, as a direct effect of the “diversity”? Competence and skill in the position do that, and it depends on the company’s end products or market niche and all that. Rosalind Brewer may or may not have had an extra push up for making her employer “more diverse”, but she has to have some talent even so.

And how diverse are you? Are you “diversity advocates” making sure you include the proper quota of Bible-believing Christians in your goals? Or do you think they should be drummed out of a job like the recent brief CEO at Mozilla?

Ah, see, it depends on what kind of diversity you like. “Man looketh on the outward appearance but God looketh upon the heart”. What is the content of your character? I stand with Martin Luther King’s take on color vs. character.

No red herrings please. “Red yellow black and white, they are precious in his sight”. The actions of people who do not act according to the love of Jesus Christ say nothing about the true followers of Christ. Like St. Patrick, who dedicated his entire life to sharing that love in the land of his former slavers.


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