The birth and life of Jesus Christ therefore leaves us very much reason to celebrate.

The perspective that some groups and their individuals here and there toward Christmas has changed a lot over the centuries, and their attitudes toward Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel for that matter.

But “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever”, does not change.

He did change once to become theophany (God-man), was born human, grew in stature and reputation, lived and taught love and truth, then died as expiatory sacrifice to free us from sin, death, and hell, and proved his power to so and vanquish death and oppression by raising on the third day. Resurrection Day is more significant for those reasons.

After Christ, his followers (not the fake usurpers –“By their fruits ye shall know them”–)

ended gladiator spectacles in Rome,

saved thousands of babies from abandonment and raised them throughout the Empire,

ended slavery in the European continent (thanks to St. Patrick’s Irish followers and their legacy),

saved most of the Greek and Roman classics in Ireland (thanks again to St. Patrick),

established universities (thanks to Charlemagne inviting Irish and British monks to teach their knowledge),

established the very first society of modern times (speaking of which) for the study of science, known as the Royal Academy (of which Isaac Newton was one chair),

created the major branches of modern science –the list is endless of their contributions to its advancement, with the Scientific Method, calculus, gravity, electromagnetism as the same force, ad infinitum),

created centers for healing with the monastic ministries that evolved into clinics,

opposed wars including the Crusades (ask Muslims about St. Francis),

opposed slavery’s resurgence in the European colonies (William Wilberforce, David Livingston, the abolitionists),

and today rush to disaster areas to heal the sick, feed the hungry, help the homeless. The names of organizations that practice “love thy neighbor” reflect the Golden Rule: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Baptist Hospital, Samaritan’s Purse, Sisters of Charity (“Mother Theresa”).

The birth and life of Jesus Christ therefore leaves us very much reason to celebrate.


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