Order from Controlled Chaos, plan of the Dark Side Bad Guys

The cashier at the bank in Nashville when I was there was a Coptic Egyptian woman. I told her I would pray for her and her family. Her brother in law was a martyr at the hand of Islamists. (Muslim Brotherhood was the ruling party at the time). After a couple of months, they told me at the bank she had had to return to Egypt on an emergency family matter.

There was an “Arab Spring” and we know how that turned out. Ordo Ab Chao, like the bad guy said in the movie Source Code.

The ill-illumined ones are all for (controlled) chaos so they can bring about their own order. For decades they had Communism and Capitalism to throw the tension into the mix, and now it’s Islamists vs. Russians vs. the West vs. the East and they’re all vs. Christianity.

They kind of pretend to be anarchists, Adam Weishaupt purportedly was, but their idea of the future is more like serfdom. They think they are the Lords of the Global Manor and the rest of us are like cattle to be miled or human sacrifices for their survival.

Why hasn’t the drug trade been shut down? Serpico said he could clean up New York in a day with honest cops as partners. He now advocates jury nullification.

Lefties HATE jury nullification because it is a firewall against their tyranny.


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