Hillary and Honduras

(Post-data disclaimer: I am in total agreement with the article on Hillary’s dispositions and the danger)

Open letter cross-posted to my blog http://www.trutherator.wordpress.com:

I have read your article on “Selective Trumpery” with sharp interest: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/12/anne-williamson/worst-female-killer-history/

My wife is a Honduran-American, so I just have a comment about the inclusion of Honduras in the list of bad things Hillary has done, because of its mention in the book by this author Diana Johnstone.

A search pulled up an article by her specifically about Honduras, by that same author, on the web site of Telesur. Telesur is the Chavista socialist creation. As if the world’s news media sources are not yet socialistic and statist and globalist enough.

What she said about Honduras in that article and presumably in her book is totally backwards, just as the the world’s news sources, in unison, got it backwards.

Hillary’s interventionism in Honduras was to call the interim president and order him to resign so as to bring Zelaya back to power.

HONDURANS HATED THE ILLEGAL ZELAYA GOVERNMENT BY AN EASY 80 PERCENT. The clips gathered on Youtube in one video in support of his arrest have faded from first-page of searches on the Internet, but they show easily half the entire adult population in the central plazas and in the streets showing their anger against all the socialist interventionist media reporting and in support of the interim constitutional government.

Manuel Zelaya had followed the new strategy of socialist tyrants in Latin America, rigging a fake election out of season so he could become the lifetime caudillo president like Chavez was, and no doubt with the promise of George Soros financing from the Chief of Meddlers himself, at least to cover what Zelaya’s grant theft budget didn’t cover.

I’m not surprised the world reported it the way they did. I think they saw that guerrilla warfare was too messy and too hard to control and decided that establishing a world dictatorship was easier using the Carroll Quigley method: make the masses think they have a choice, while doing whatever they want to.

We see that in Paul Ryan’s budget. I think in these post-Boehner times, the cliques and cabals in power are giving up on hiding their shenanigans.


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