Hillary: “His strategy is close to mine”


So says the lady that drove the intervention into Libya when she was Secretary of State.

Sure Obama’s current strategy (in Syria) is “close to” Hillary’s because it’s the same one she executed for the president in Libya.

She had the military send in special forces to call down air strikes and train the (Al Qaeda) “rebels”, sent in supplies and financing. Same as Jimmy Carter’s strategy in Afghanistan when the Soviets had it. Send in mujahedin, jihadists, Islamic radicals.

So now Obama is sending in special forces to call down air strikes, and train the (Al Qaeda-ISIS) “rebels”, and is sending in supplies and financing for them. Same as Jimmy Carter’s strategy in Afghanistan when the Soviets had it. Send in mujahedin.

Of course the first thing the new guys in Tripoli did, the FIRST decision of the new government, was to create a central bank. Gaddafi had made a central bank unnecessary because his currency was gold-based.

The Ambassador was in Bengazi to recruit mujahedin and recover those armaments to send to Syria for a repeat.

It didn’t work out the way the American people were told in Libya. It’s FAR FAR worse there now for all Libyans, for Christians especially, for blacks, for everybody. Instead of a “dictator” that protects Christians and blacks, they have a little ISIS caliphate already in place complete with ports and oil right on the Mediterranean.

And who’s fooling who? American and Russian planes are running bombing raids in Syria. They’re (supposedly) sharing flight plans so as to avoid mistakes. But then Turkey deliberately and with malicious aforethought shot down a Russian bomber that was hitting terrorist Turkmen targets. This Turkmen group is working with ISIS.

Turkey is bringing in ISIS oil. Tell me NATO did not know this, if you dare. Tell me the Pentagon had no clue about that. Tell me that the Pentagon was not ordered to let the trucks fill up with oil from ISIS-controlled oil wells, and haul it all to Turkey, and I’ll tell you that you are one of the most gullible intellectually limited persons on the planet.

Oh, yeah, you almost never hear the chemical weapons excuse anymore, because when Americans roared back against yet another war again in the Mideast quagmires, Putin saved his face and pulled out a deal and they had to back down. Only all of a sudden, voila, ISIS. What a deal. Obama announces a pull out from Iraq, Iraq’s majority government now hates the USA and has become allies with Iran, and is now favorable to Assad in Syria.

So explain again how toppling Saddam Hussein was good for Iraq?

Explain again how overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya and getting him sodomized and executed by al Qaeda thugs was good for Libya.

Russia is over there helping the ONLY government, the ONLY force that is even interested in stopping ISIS in Syria. Assad, the NON-Muslim, the only protection for Christians in that nation, is now being helped by Russia.

This is a 180 folks. The upside down confused landscape that is the Middle East. American and Russian bombers flying over the same areas, supporting opposite fighting forces.

This is not a good situation. It’s like they’retrying to fulfill Bible prophecy. Probably noen of them want to, but it’s taking form.


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