Questions about San Bernardino

Do you remember the first reports? About witnesses seeing THREE shooters leaving the scene and climbing into an SUV? In military fatigues.

Now they’re saying it was just a couple.

And she’s 90 pounds. Not even the Amazons they fingered for the Marines Special Forces training made the cut. The current Chief of Staff at the Pentagon back when he headed the Marines reported that they just could not yet prove that women could be made combat ready.

Seems like the only terror hits the FBI can stop are the ones they themselves created.

It would not surprise me if they were to pull of a very big false flag on USA soil and reinstate the draft so they can have more excuses to put eyes on the conservatives they want to take the guns from.

Watch lists and gun control lists are not designed to stop bad guys. They’ve been trying since the 1960s. That’s when the first Dem Party representative introduced a gun control bill. It was almost verbatim translated from Hitler’s Nazi gun control bill.


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