There is no ban on gun research

A ban on using extorted tax money to fund any kind of research is not a “ban on researching the harm to human life from the possession and use of guns.”

There is a vast database available from the DOJ of crime statistics, including numbers about guns. There have been dozens of studies of the precise category you describe. Dozens.
(See the footnotes)

Problem One for control freaks is that those studies show “More Guns, Less Crime”. That’s why the Ministry of Doublethink is pushing for an “official government” study by the CDC because it will be slanted and tainted their way.

Note that crimes of all kinds, including murders, have gone down in the United States at the same time that gun ownership is climbing and climbing.

Problem Two for control freaks is that the most important reason for respecting individuals’ natural right to self-defense, which includes having the means to do so, is to defend against the tyranny of your own government. That’s the main reason that patriots of the American Revolution made the 2nd a condition of ratification of the Constitution.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws and tyrants will have them.


James Wright, a gun control advocate who received a grant to study the effectiveness of gun control laws from President Jimmy Carter’s Justice Department, was surprised to discover, during the course of his research, that neither waiting periods, background checks, nor ANY gun control laws were effective in reducing violent crime. In an article titled “Second Thoughts About Gun Control”, in the spring 1988 issue of “The Public Interest”, Wright said, “I am now of the opinion that a compelling case for stricter gun control cannot be made.”

Jesus Christ went as a lamb to the slaughter, but the night of his arrest, he had made sure his disciples were armed to prevent a petty heist that would interfere with God’s plans for our redemption.


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