Western “strategy” has failed miserably, so they want to do more of it!

So this one ex-intelligence official guy says they need an “Arab NATO”? The West is gone nuts!

I’m an anti-Zionist, but pushing the Arabs to form a big coalition is just telling them to hurry up and quash Israel already! And forget ISIS, go ahead and form that big Islamic Caliphate we’re so worried about!

Of course doing things backwards is nothing new.

The Pentagon knew they were creating ISIS when they started this thing, they predicted it, and saw it as something that could help topple Assad. (As a good thing

These guys head up the greatest military force in the world, but don’t understand culture, and they think the blowback principle doesn’t apply. It looks like Obama has dumped the best military minds who understand the limitations of military power, all those generals he fired.

All those Christians in “Christian media” and so many pastors in pulpits who pretend that they can make Islam the new world’s worst enemy as if that’s all that matters. Such blind guides! ISIS is a creation of a Western strategy to topple Syria’s Christian-friendly regime and replace it with something like Libya has. RULED BY AL-QAEDA AND ISIS. They pretend to be enemies but they battle together. ISIS is a result of the topple-Assad theme. It’s beyond just that now though.

Putin is now supporting the best friend that Christians have left in the Middle East, and yes, that is indeed Assad, now that the devil in a blue pantsuit got rid of Gaddafi, and Mubarak is gone (Thanks for NOTHING Soros!). Assad even blessed the showing of a Christian documentary movie about Paul the Apostle all around Syria!

El-Sisis in Egypt has kept the worst of the bad kind of in check, but not that much.

I saw a prophecy (by dream) in the 1970s in which there was a wall that expanded from the Middle East into all the world, that their influence would expand and expand until it exploded into the last-days prophecies of the Bible. He thought it was an Arab wall, because of that star and crescent on the wall. Later he said he should have said Muslim Wall. I’m watching this happen on the daily news!

Little did he realize that the biggest force for that Islamic Wall would originate in Washington D. C. It’s not just the White House either. Blowback is a real thing.


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