The difficult scripture

Those verses in Numbers were prefaced with “avenge” because they had made repeated war against the Hebrews. This is another example of somebody who hasn’t even gotten to the “sincere milk” of salvation yet who can choke on the meat to be found in the word.

…It’s like the similar scripture where Samuel sends Saul to kill every one of the Amalekites down to the youngest. What you won’t find in the atheist web sites is that those Amelakites made war against the Hebrews THREE times. All those times before this, the Hebrews had left the woman and children alive. They grew up and armed up and tried again, because the women and children all were beyond wicked. No doubt possessed by then.

..And guess what? Round FOUR! Saul kept King Agag alive apparently because he disobeyed, and a few generations later we read about Haman the Agagite, second in the Persian Empire, plotting to kill all the Jews in the entire Persian Empire.

Times are different. And yet, some atheists and witches and pagans scream all kinds of indignant when a Christian brings up the ubiquitous human sacrifice and sati (windows buried alive with the kings), or Hitler (more a pagan and occultist and maybe Satanist of the Un-lightened Ones), or Lenin, Stalin, Mao.

A Muslim today on Univision brought up the subject of Christians too! Yeah, in all my 67 years of life I only heard of ONE bombing of a prenatal infanticide “clinic”. Every Christian of note condemned it but Propaganda Media never mentions that.

Compared to how many mass murders done by killers who claim they’re Muslim? How about in THIS CENTURY? This generation? Professing Christians in America ware wussies, otherwise they would have make long stinging lashes a long time ago and drive the money changers right out of the so-called “Federal Reserve” temples and the spiritually Roman and Egyptian kings from D.C.

And they would be yelling in the streets at the rulers to stop trying to take out the best friend Christians have left in the Middle East, Assad.

(Maybe that’s what bothers the pagan in the White House. He bears zero fruit of Christ, seems like a bad Muslim, so what the heck?)

Christians like St. Francis were voices against the Christian Crusade and to this day Muslims consider him a historical voice of reason. Most of the “witches” and heretics burned at the stake were BIBLE Christians, and the “Christian church” of the Inquisition BANNED the Bible!


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