Their excuses for their world dictatorship

About the mention of the seasons there.. Somebody mentioned “global warming”..

“Global warming” is something the Powers That Be settled on as part of one of the themes they push, Environmentalism, with the purpose of convincing the people of the world to accept, even welcome, their global dictatorship.

There is a “report from Iron Mountain” where “they” reportedly discussed using an alien invasion as a way to subjugate all the world’s governments:

But at Iron Mountain I think they discussed all the themes: alien invasion (search Reagan and aliens for a surprise), the environment, prevention of nuclear war. They have added terrorism for another.

It seems most people are gullible and accept tyranny to protect them from terrorists. They are also using a “human rights” and “democracy” theme as a cover for violating human rights and enforcing consent from the conquered peoples of the world.

God has let them get exposed, so that those who fall for these farces and frauds have no excuse. They refused to listen to God’s prophets.


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