Babylon, America, and Fulfilled Prophecy


About Babylon, the Roman Church is not a center of international trade, as in Revelation 17. That description belongs more appropriately belongs to the “United States of America”.

It’s not just because the States have been the most coveted market for selling wares in the world, it’s also because “in her” we find the US$, the dollar, which has been THE international currency ever since the Breton Woods agreement in 1944, even after Nixon broke faith with the agreement in 1971, when Nixon said they were not going to pay out gold for dollars, even to the foreign central banks.

Before that, there was a semblance of a gold standard, in that international exchange was done based on a currency that itself was backed by gold, at least through the central banks, but no longer.


George W Bush used the attack on the Towers as an excuse to get Congress to pass the “Patriot Act”. Congressman Ron Paul said ““The PATRIOT Act was written many, many years before 9/11.. …[The attacks simply provided an opportunity] for some people to do what they wanted to do”.

So they got that passed into law, and later in their NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) they added more damage to their subjects (us).

So now they have an NSA that keeps on spying on every one of us, collecting information in blatant violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendment, and the Tenth. According to one report as of May 2015, there were 73 federal agencies with full-time armed squads ready to raid somebody in your area, like when a SWAT-like EPA team descended on one Alaska mining town looking for violations of the “clean water act”. Maybe next the Agro Department will raid a farm that sells organic raw milk, like one state agency did to one Amish farmer.

Obama promised a “civil security” force in 2008, and he’s forming it out of the federal agencies. The military was there at Waco. During W’s presidency, the Pentagon initiated a “Total Awareness” program. Their symbol was the Masonic/Illuminati/Rosacrucian/Egyptian “eye”.

The USA is now an occupied nation, occupied by forces loyal to the NWO.

More fulfillment of prophecy.


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