What does the federal government do to property owners on the border who protect their own ranches from trampling?


What about immigration if the State acted like the manager of the community property jointly owned and funded by the members of a housing association or gated community?

From the comments on the S4L link you sent me on this is one by a Jimmy T. LaBaume:

I live and ranch in Trans-Pecos Texas. The ranch headquarters is only 16 miles (as the crow flies) from the Rio Grande river and the Mexican Border.

For some strange reason, I feel tresspassed against when “illegal” imigrants cross my land. That could be because they cut fences, destroy stock waterings, leave masses of litter, and even break and enter and steal.

The association between property rights and immigration is real to me.

(One rancher was shot dead. The D.C. government also hates the private parties that go to these ranchers’ land to help interdict these tresspassers)

Government-subsidized immigration is not a libertarian phenomenon. It is not covered by the NAP. The deliberate and intentional and openly broadcast open door for infiltration by the worst most anti-NAP characters by the anti-NAP one-worlder Western governments speak for themselves.

The government is NOT making it “cumbersome or impossible for businessmen to hire these workers”. Like I told my wife and stepchildren from Honduras when they came and they were so worried about immigration for others they knew without papers, it was the ruling powers’ policy to encourage a certain number. If the “open doors” policy in a libertarian world favored businessmen and immigrants making compacts, they would actually let THAT happen instead of bringing in more welfare-encouraged cases.

When property is privatized and ranchers are allowed to protect their property, then he can talk to me.

The government extorts stolen resources to implement its state-controlled immigration policies. In a truly free society, all property would be private property.

Those “left-libertarians” who insist that freely open borders are libertarian borders, for example, are they announcing on broadcasts that immigrants are welcome to THEIR OWN neighborhoods? How about their own block they live on? The point is that what we witness with come-one come-all invitations from the extortionist governments and rulers, is not a libertarian-world thing.

Welfare distorts economies, and so do forced migrations, and so do extortion-subsidized migrations.

Murray Rothbard was the one who first coined the term “anarcho-capitalist”. For most of his prolific libertarian career, he agreed with “open borders libertarians”, but then he came to understand the view of Herman Hans Hoppe and Lew Rockwell.

In terms of the practical furthering of libertarian ideals in the wider society, the “bionicmosquito” blog offers an interesting analysis about the intersection of culture and liberty:


..In my opinion this has application to the migration subject .

For what it’s worth, I would LOVE to see a freely-travel NAP-governed libertarian world….

Hans Herman-Hoppe helps untangle the issue:


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