The migration invasion: Old Soviet and Chinese trick

The international shadow cabal has decided that Europe will be transformed fundamentally.

In Oslo, 100% of stranger rapes were foreigners. Sweden is censoring the rape numbers.

Merkel is not taking refugees into her own property. She’s taking them into the properties that were bought with wealth stolen from their subjects, including the ones that didn’t vote for them.

“Get the banks off their banks in their countries” so they can live in peace there and we here.

Our rulers (Republican Party and Democratic Party and their own command center manipulators) sewed the wind and they’re going to sew the whirlwind.

Many years ago I was invited to apply for membership in the Granddaddy of Shadow Cabals, a name that starts with the same three letters as Illinois, by way of going to their web page. There they said they want to homogenize the gene pool. They said it in a bit different way. They said it was “because of a lot of reasons.”

What they did not say was that the real goal was to homogenize world society in the image they want. It is not the image that either the so-called “right” or “left” claims it is. The real reason is that they have the central banks, the governments, the highest executives of the biggest and best funded all infiltrated with either direct secret society members or by funding of causes convenient to them (Masons, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bildebergers, Bank for International Settlements, European Parliament, World Court, and every “crony capitalist” big international corporation, and other subsidiaries).

It shocked me how brazen the worldwide unitary coordination was with the news out of Honduras in 2009. The Traditional Media Organizations and all government organizations and their approved NGO’s all ganged up on little old Honduras, and shared a bold-faced lie that can be torn down in two minutes. Even the nations that quickly recognized the newly elected president Lobo, joined the condemnation. Hillary ordered the transitional president to resign and replace Zelaya in power and he refused, Chavez offered him $3 million to quit, and he refused. Nobody noticed. Nobody even yawned with these tidbits.

Karol Cabrera, a most effective journalist exposing Zelaya and his connections with drug cartels, was hit twice with brutally monstrous professional hit teams. She saw a reporter colleague, and her own daughter, die right in front of her, riddled with bullets. And leftist international “Reporters Without Borders” does not want to politicize those hits, naturally, because they are hits from the international Narco-Socialist Cartels. It’s because every single Honduran knew what those hits were about and they wanted to redirect the narrative.

The Zelaya government’s own Attorney General who brought the charges against him was also hit by a professional team of killers, and his driver and personal bodyguard died in the attempt.

Honduras persisted in its blowback against the International Fascist Empires in spite of all that.

But nobody noticed the monolithic reaction to Honduras, and the inside-out backwards sound of Cuba and North Korea joining the U.S. and China in demanding that Honduras “restore the democratically elected” dictator in power. That’s because the audience, the subjects of the imperial worldwide realm, have been Pavlov’ed into thinking it’s a natural progression of the world.

Dictatorships are thriving in Latin America, and in the U.S. we have a “subtle” dictatorship.


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