The best Creation Science teacher

One of the problems is the stinking rotten-to-the-core “Christian Establishment”, as I call them. That includes the “Christian Media” that “Christians” listen to, instead of doing as the Bereans did in the book of Acts, who “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”.

Kent Hovind is the most effective Creation science speaker, and that most especially with children. He presents for a mixed audience and entertains as a vehicle to drive home the point.

But Hovind is NOT an apologist for war, or for the abuse of governments, at least that I remember. He did decry the sports fanaticism. Christian Media is ga-ga over football stars and warriors.

Hovind also challenged the IRS propaganda and exposed them in his personal talks. Even a bit on his videos. He promoted the KJB and denounced the modern perversions, written by the kind of people that graduate from “Ivy League” type universities. They are the ones who prefer using the word “slave” instead of “servant”, and prefer to use the word “holy race” instead of “holy seed”. Disgusting.

Ken Ham is a self-promoter and empire-builder and he was always jealous of Hovind. Early on he came up with a few arguments creationists should NOT use because Hovind was using them.

Joke’s on the pedophile prosecutor and the wife of the other pedophile, who teamed up against Hovind to put him in prison. He started leading Bible studies and prisoners to Christ where they had him locked up, so they got mad and moved him to higher-security prisons, where he did the same thing. They moved him several times.

Telling you, governments do not like their subjects’ religious loyalties, especially Christians. So it has been through history, including the regimes that CLAIMED to be “Christian”, but BANNED the most censored book of history, the Bible.


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