Bible says treat people of other groups as those of same groupings

Fundamentaiists? They hate the white supremacists. TBN is full of all colors for example, although they’re not exactly Biblical in my Bible-believing opinion. Moses married the Ethiopian woman, Jesus associated with the Samaritans and spent several days there, Paul went to the Gentiles, Rahab the harlot of Jericho was blessed and became an ancestress to Jesus Christ, just as did Ruth the Moabitess, David gathered an army of fanatically loyalists from a long list of all kinds of regional ethnicities, the laws of Moses demands the same treatment for “strangers” passing through or settling next door as for fellow Hebrews, the 3 wise men from the East that blessed the young child Jesus were from far away, Jesus held up non-Jews as good examples compared to the Pharisees, Christians by the thousands hid Jews in their basements against Hitler. Many died for their trouble, including many Roman Catholics.


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