Fairy tale for adults

Once upon a time… Oops, let’s start over.

Once upon a time, there was no time, and there was no space, because there was a nothingness.

For some reason we don’t have a clue for, all of a sudden a “singularity” popped into existence. The singularity was nowhere because there was no space. It did not “really” exist because there was no time either, but that is what we (anti-creation cosmologists) call this thing that was nowhere at no time at all.

But we had to admit a long time ago that the universe had a beginning, so instead of believing in an external cause, we made an exception to Newton’s third law so we could call it a “singularity” and say that’s how the universe “began”.

Well, this singularity that was nowhere in space and not in time suddenly exploded itself into existence and created time and space all at the same time. And when it did it shot out in every direction at once.

It was just unformed “plasma” at first, no atoms or molecules, but it had so much energy (don’t ask where the energy came from, this is a fairy tale) that it spread out so fast that we don’t know why it looks to us like it all traveled faster than light.

Well all this stuff went out in every direction and when it got far enough it started clumping up into clouds of galaxy cluster size then galaxy size, millions and billions of them, then those into clumps that began to fall together and form stars. The stars were mostly hydrogen burning up from gravity and energy and creating helium, then after a long time exploding into novas and creating the heavier elements like carbon, metals and all the rest.

And those dead star clumps began falling together into planets that ran around the stars.

On one of the planets, the clump cooled down and lots of water started falling on it until it had oceans and then in the primordial soup that formed, we got a symbolic digitally-coded self-reproducing complex auto-bot type systems that just formed out of that chemical stew, and we have no clue HOW it could conceivably happen but we know it did, all spontaneous and all by itself, because HOW ELSE could it happen?

We the smart ones know it couldn’t happen because of any God because extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, after all, don’tcha know? Take it from us, we are the authorities who follow strict scientific methods (when it makes sense to us). (Isaac Newton does not count, neither the rest of the founding fathers of our scholarship).

And we know there are others because we can’t be so arrogant as to believe that we are believe that we owe something to any Creator, can we?


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