The truth will be manifest

Bill Whittle on “politically correct”:

I remember Dan Rather’s newscast where I first heard the term “politically correct”.

He said it was a word going around among academics, professors and the like. He even honestly said that it was a way to influence thinking, as if a different view was incorrect.

Thinking back, seems to me there must have been a memo sent out from somewhere to publicize this phrase. It has to do with Orwellian doublethink.

Note that being anti-war during the Bush years was “politically correct”.

Note that being anti-war during the Obama years is NOT “politically correct.”
Exposing the Obama-Hillary collusion in arming Al-Qaeda and even ILLEGALLY targeting Gaddafi is also not “politically correct”.

Some of the ideas they put in that category are actually good ones, depending on when they make it so. I’m trying to come up with a phrase that “more correctly” represents this Doublespeak trick.


The oppressor group (not a “class”, more like a “clique”) DOES NOT CARE at this point how much they are exposed. Look at the Benghazi cover-up. EVERYBODY knows Hillary Clinton lied about it then and is still a weasel about it when asked about it.

It’s also obvious that Biden was scared off not by what he said, but because of the back-channel warnings from the Hillary camp. Remember Filegate, when she got all the FBI dirt on ALL the sitting Congressmen? Joe Biden was a Senator at the time, right?

The shadow oppressor group(s) got around that by sending up a guy during the Bush years, an unknown. Looks to me like they really don’t like Hillary. Bill probably hates the prospect, the poor victim of domestic violence.


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