“The Daily Beast” and Spin, Baby, Spin

I’m going to stop sharing the link to the stories that spin things in a deceitful manner, whether it’s intentional or not, malicious or not, and whether or not the writer thereof is one of the thought spin master manipulators, or a thought control victim. This is because I just realized that it theoretically bumps up their position in Google searches. It is also because the more egregious spinmeisters quickly change things when they are caught in a lie.

i will continue to link to those places that are friendly to the truth, or at least intellectually honest in their errors, in my (sometimes fallible) opinion.

The Daily Beast claims to have caught Ben Carson changing his story about the anger and knife incident. When they can’t argue the merits of the positions, they take the lazy road of parsing the semantics.

The Daily Beast said in one version, the friend ran away, scared off by the angry Carson knife. In another, Carson ran away, realizing how close he had come to destroying his future, and even worse, killing his friend.

I read the story in the book, Gifted Hands.

Maybe they’re intellectually shortchanged. Or maybe they suffer from an emotional block that prevents thinking out things. Or maybe they’re morally challenged and just using the job to spin it.

Maybe both of those boys ran off. Ever think of that, brainiacs?


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