What is poverty?

That’s a definition issue. “Poverty” is a relative term. But what entity relative to what entity, and how can one measure it?

Each one of us is a unique individual, even twins have differences. Therefore all persons are NOT equal, they have differing abilities. Again therefore, you will ALWAYS have differences in the measure of MATERIAL productivity and differences in production volumes of anything. So the only way you can eliminate “poverty” is to divide all material goods equally among all persons.

That’s not only absurdly impractical, it is also immoral. It is THEFT. Like the Son of God said, Jesus Christ, “The poor ye will always have with you”. He gave to them, he healed them, he had compassion on them, he fed them, but he was not going to LIE, LIE, LIE like demagogues and socialists do and say that mankind can somehow eliminate “inequality”.

My riches are spiritual. Each person has his own values, not yours and not mine. Using the dollar or any such fiat currency is almost useless in the real world as a true objective measure, because such measures depend on the decrees of certain powerful “financial interests”. They are like the ones Jesus Christ drove out of the temple at the painful end of a powerful lash, while he threw down their tables and merchandise.

However, there are certain objective values that are the same for everyone, and they are spiritual. Jesus Christ beckons us all to life, liberty,truth, and love, and saves us from death, hell. and deceit.


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