Myth of too many people: “Be fruitful and multiply’

Sure you’re not a Malthus or Sanger, but this myth of “too many children” is the deceit they use to propagate the myth, the meaningless term they call “overpopulation”. “Over” what? The resources available? They don’t want to share the resources, that’s why they tell us the poor of Central and South America are having too many children they can’t afford. Can’t afford compared to what?

So then why do they want to force us to pay for their baby killing industry, their baby parts industry? There is an underground in baby organs, and human organs, and it’s not all research.

They’re distracting us from their criminal Grand Theft Nation and Criminal Economic Sabotage. The ‘many stripes’ they will get in hell that Jesus talked about for the worst of the worst awaits them. In fact Jesus whipped their rear ends right out of the Jewish temple at the painful end of a lash for the same crimes.

Margaret Sanger’s myth was that there were too many poor people who “could not afford” to have children. This is the same thing the arrogant class says today.

In my wife’s natal country of Honduras the doctors, no doubt on orders, have been sterilizing women in the maternity wards [who they think] have too many children. They don’t ask permission, and they don’t tell them. It was discovered after too many mothers took too painful a time to recover. That’s another thing they cover up. Having their tubes tied is followed by lots of pain and problems for a long time afterward, plus the longer-term effects.

Univision a few years back had a story about hospital directors in Peru protesting against sterilization quotas. This is an economic genocide. Execution without trial for the crime of being poor. There is no excuse or rationalization for this. And even convincing mothers to “kill off’ the next generation before it’s even born as a sacrifice to a minimum living standard is a figure of Satan’s lies in the Garden.

And the forbidden fruit wasn’t sex, another big satanic lie. “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” was God’s first recorded command in the Bible. Memo: No it is NOT full yet. The Official Media is full of lies and not just this one. The Gaia worship (“Earth First”?) and Area 51 rumors, and most of the wars have been orchestrated for the purposes of what is called in Daniel 9 “the people of the prince that shall come”, the NWO, with its thousand points of false lights.

God is a God of life, and he giveth it abundantly. Man’s sins against men are their own fault. There is an abundance of resource’s in my wife’s country of birth. There is also an abundance of political and cultural corruption. What they need is the liberating power of Jesus Christ and the truth, and an abundance of respect for the non-aggression principle. Let the poor do business without demanding paperwork and regulation and you would be surprised at what they can do, as long as you don’t make them lazy with crumbs that the Arrogant Class steals from the middle class to give to them.

And stop suppressing the potential and supporting the oppression with all that Foreign Aid.

And did you notice? They stopped reporting on some major events in Latin America. They lied about Honduras in 2009. Venezuelans are rioting for food. They can’t get toilet paper, and pretty soon it looks like they might even start using their own paper currency to wipe their rears.

Their problem is not too many babies, it’s too much socialism. The thieves and vipers have come out of their dens and taken over there (and here). Socialism running out of money caused such a crisis in the Leftist Cartels that they decided to throw a coup in the Vatican and put one of their own in command to accelerate the crash.

Soon enough there’ll be another treaty. “Peace, peace” they will cry, and then “sudden destruction will come upon them”.


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