Hate group SPLC

Seems that the hate group called “Southern Poverty Law Center”, an organization pushing the dissolution of traditional culture with the idea of opening the door for an atheistic communistic social order, has added Trump to the list of people it wants us to hate. It’s a real thoughtcrime watchdog. Of course they hate thought-crime.
We are not allowed to have dissenting thoughts.
National socialism, national welfare state, international socialism, corporate mercantilism, it’s all the same. The Warburgs and the international banking cartels and the central bankers bankroll it all, just like they did with the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, the Japanese expansion in Asia, and U. S. investment in China. And the political payoffs that they call ‘foreign aid”.
ILLEGAL is the key word, “aliens” is a word used for a century for foreign born persons living in the U. S. My wife is from Honduras, and it is a horrendous trip across Mexico, harassment and all, and Mexico only lets it go because the rulers in power in the U.S. pressure them (and they go right through and don’t stay there)
Mexico treats its own illegal immigrants worse than anything you can say in the aggregate that the U.S. does, especially in view of the American body politic tolerance of the executive enacting and enforcing laws like a dictator. I know. My wife is from Honduras.
Something else. Every decent Latin American, Mexicans included, beg and plead with their relatives who are “illegal entrants”, DO NOT make that trip. This welcoming policy of the Obama administration encourages a dangerous trip full of the most violent human animals on the planet, rapes, murders, disappearances, drownings, and “illegal imprisonment” by criminals who demand more money to release relatives once inside the United States.
This idea that the recent massive influx of “children” crossing over was a cartel and coyote meme is a way of calling us all STUPID. A couple of months before the story “broke”, the federal government had placed classifies asking for applicants to help care for underage “entrants”. Then the story “broke” as if on cue, about the children coming in and getting care and placement and all that.
Corporate interests paid off somebody in power to bring in the wave of children couple of years ago, and they got the contracts to “take care of” them. It’s all for the children. Right.
Fool you once, shame on him. Fool you twice, shame on you. Fool you over and over again, you’ve been robotized, with the remote control override in the hands of someone else. Doublespeak on steroids.
How about let’s have “income equality” among ALL the people living in both North and South America? How about that? You willing to cut down YOUR OWN income equality to TWENTY PERCENT of what it is now?
Free your thoughts!

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