Scary words and forked tongue: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”

Unfortunately, white man’s forked tongue has lots of forks. After the Indians’ Last Stand at Little Big Horn, government men sent by bigger white men of the political class came and said, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. The big G-man continued: “I’m going to give you food stamps and government checks and if you’re good maybe we’ll let you open a casino.”

Ever since then, the poorest tribes today are the ones who got the most such “help” as a recognized, government-listed official Indian tribe, are the poorest. There are dozens of national government agencies that were created to “help” their Indian tribe wards of the national state, and that is not counting the state agencies that do the likewise.

The Lumbees are a tribe that gets no such recognition and no such “help”. While the Miccosukee Indian tribe (down here in South Florida) has been reeling with accusations of corruption by the leaders and the “federal” money and the casino payouts, the Lumbees don’t own any casinos, but they do own twelve banks! Twelve!

My wife is from Honduras where I hope to go someday soon to live out my days until the Tribulation hits and then Jesus returns (or go meet my Maker first).

And one of the worst thing the West does to these poor countries is foreign aid. ALWAYS with strings and conditions. Recipient government politicians who control those moneys, everywhere, why should they kill the golden goose? They get the money to use the same way the political rulers in ANY KIND of government ALWAYS did: They make sure their friends, family and bank accounts get their fair share. AND ALWAYS the LENDERS of such money make sure the important share comes back to their own clients.

Dambisa Moyo wrote about this, Harvard graduate originally from Zambia. China isn’t sending aid, it is sending the whole package. They send Chinese workers and build the highways themselves.

Like the hard-line leftist author who decided to go to Africa herself to help, she studied how to actually do it. Now she says, “You want to help the poor in these countries? Don’t give money. BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!”


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