Cambridge professor spouts leftist-approved conspiracy theory

A Cambridge professor says he thinks the oil industry may have killed three climate change researchers, who died within weeks of each other.

Or if they were killed, maybe he should speculate it was because they discovered that the Arctic ice cap was expanding instead of melting away and they were going to issue mea culpas. Can’t have that. Too hard to keep the media lid on the real genuine climate scientists who ridicule the official government-ordered tax-funded false science. It took the late Michael Crichton and his debating buddy just one night to change the minds in the audience on the subject.

Robert Heilbroner was a socialist who wrote in 1990 that the Soviet Union would collapse because Ludwig von Mises was right. So he said socialists should use environmentalism to get people to go along with socialism.

There is no genuine socialist equality program. The main pushers of socialism and environmentalism both are Sierra Club billionaires like George Soros and his colleagues.

Be not deceived God is not mocked. Jesus will return soon and send our modern Pharisees and money changers to where they belong.


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