Is the non-aggression principle compatible with these principles?

The non-aggression principle is not only compatible but also the best way to accomplish this list of goals specifically:

facilitate our development
facilitate the development of our fellow citizens
facilitate our interrelations with our families and our friends
facilitate our interactions with our colleagues and fellow citizens
facilitate the functioning of our societies.

Here’s one it is NOT compatible with:
facilitate the functioning of our governments

There are violent gangs, and there are governments. They both violate the non-aggression principle.

The biggest enemy of material and cultural development is government.
The biggest enemy of “the development of our fellow citizens” is government because it grows a monopoly of force and a monopoly control of communications media, at least to the extent that its victims allow it.

The biggest enemy of “our interrelations with our families and friends” has proven to be governments. It invites corruption, invents unjust rules to justify interfering in people’s own free choices in the market, robs the rich and the poor, mostly the poor, to subsidize their friends. The politicization of everything under color of “rights”, for example, has broken up many families and turned people afflicted by gender confusion against loving parents. “Love” is turned into “hate”.

Governments also attack most fiercely today the institutions of families and religion because individuals in families and believers resist the most tenaciously against commands to relinquish children and beliefs to state control.

The functioning of societies operates best under the non-aggression principle, which is the most time-tested and proven principle that promotes peaceful societies. Trying to justify the aggression of governments based on the fact that some people will always violate it, is an exercise in self-contradiction and confusion.

Because governments ARE a violation of the non-aggression principle by definition, claiming the right to steal your property and use violence against you if you disobey them.

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