Software security

Yes, money, but let the end users decide. The users decide by means of the Free Market. Government rules distort everything, make the users complacent and even more vulnerable, and now we see even the Federal Government doesn’t have enough money to secure their own personnel files.

Why is that? There’s no free market and the victims (the ones they extorted the taxes from) don’t have an option. In a free market, the consumer is king, and if he screws himself with the wrong choices, let him learn. I did not buy a house during the crazy bubble so the bust didn’t hurt me except indirectly through the economic effects of the less cautious. I shouldn’t have to pay for the other guy.

So it should be with bugs in code. Who pays for the time, who uses it, there are insurance companies. Insurance against security bugs, let loose the actuaries on it, and insurance companies and associated security companies get into the mix, and the breaches diminish. At least until it finds a cost/benefit medium, where the security finds the pivot between demand for security (with its cost) and demand for cheap and easy.


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