Disgusted with Facebook?

I’m disgusted with Facebook and would like a more freedom-friendly type of thing.

There is an up-and-coming technology I believe, that involves peer-to-peer type interaction between nodes, rather than connecting through one middleman that controls the conversation. The GOVERNMENT powers-that-be prefer monolithic companies. That’s why they passed legislation to protect too-big-to-fail companies, with sophisticated tricks to hide the fact so they don’t get shown butt-naked like they did in 2008. That was the year we all saw that Republicans and Democrats work for the same corporate-Fed cabal.

I deleted myself out of Facebook and HATE the comments sections in some places that require a Facebook ID to post. LinkedIn uses something else, and that’s cool too.

PEER-TO-PEER. IT works. It liberates us (the “client nodes”) from monsters like Facebook. Makes it a bit easier for upstarts like Kim Dot-com.

Copyright was invented to kings to force book publishers to get permission before they could print. That just pushes contrarians into the dark, just like with the drug laws wars. Now the Internet is busting the atrocious idea that one guy,


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