Police: Your job is not giving orders but to keep the peace

Policemen who are like that are okay.

But with the frequent and brutal incidents that are getting exposed across the country.

Most cops today I suspect are a lot less like Paul Harvey’s ideal description. There are too many like the cop in this video -and this is a mild case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p51PGX-PrqQ

My complaint about “good” cops today is that they cover for the bad ones. For the ones that should be charged with murder one.

The cops were called once to my ex’s house where the youngest (late son) had acted up real bad and the ex was blaming all the other kids, which she always did back then. The kids were trying to tell their side of the story, especially the daughter, and she was getting upset with the officer who was roughshodding, not taking time to assess or try to pacify the scene.

(I’ve seen cops that just defuse the situation and move on)

But that cop got all mad and arrested the daughter and she had to spend the weekend in a juvenile detention facility.

I talked to my lawyer about it. She knew the cop. He had a real bad mean reputation on “both sides of the law”. The other cops should have written him up, how he mishandled and manhandled it all.

That’s my complaint against cops in general. They cover for the bad ones.

They all need to understand that giving orders to citizens is NOT the job of a cop, and covering up for fellow officers SHOULD be taboo.

As it is these days, the federal government administrations, under both Bush and Obama, have been converting local and state law enforcement agencies into federalized deputies, by steps. Fusion centers that say Ron Paul supporters and people who talk too much about the Constitution, are as dangerous as al Qaeda, and bring the agencies together to work together, THEY are the dangerous ones.


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