False blood moon references

Even the Blitz author of the “blood moon” business is squeamish about talk of planes falling out of the sky and those other “Left Behind” scenarios. By the time Jesus returns to gather his together, the ensuing disruption will be a lot less than the “pre-cribbers” say.

Plus if the “blood moon” prophecy is based on that verse in Joel it’s a flimsy base.

Plus these are Israel sycophants, Israel-worshippers, because they claim today’s heirs of the Pharisees and the Saducees are especially blessed by God, over and above others, as God’s “chosen people”.

That’s like saying Peter should have joined up with Caiaphas! It’s preposterous! It is an evil thing! Jesus said “The kingdom of God is taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof”, and so-called “replacement” theology comes from Paul’s epistle declaring that circumcision of the FLESH does NOT make you a “Jew” (referencing Ezekiel), but circumcision of the SPIRIT.

We the Christians who are born again believers are “heirs” to the promises made to Abraham, said Paul.

And I see this Jewish Messianic rabbi is preaching against “supersessionism”, which they also call “replacement theology”. This is a false evil doctrine, part of “dispensationalism”, popularized by Charles Darby in England and his disciple Cyrus Scofield in the USA, both of whom hated the Bible. So Darby made a new one, and Scofield changed it with his notes (Americans were not fooled by new “translations”), and made fools of many Christian believers.


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