Stay at home Moms – an untapped job pool

Inc. Magazine has discovered a way companies can expand their talent pool –stay-at-home Moms:

Well, glory be. I’d like to also say something for stay-at-home Dads. Lots of us who have been Dads with kids, and some like me whose kids are all grown up and gone on with their lives, we would also like to put in a plug for using skills on a remote basis.

I understand the reluctance and of course their are surely many people who would abuse this system. But it seems like the trend in using offshore talent, for example, companies are learning ways to manage remote talent.

The most outstanding and reputable names in their respective fields, in general, it seems like, can basically even name their price for remote work. This fact –I know several of them personally– plus the offshore resource sector, shows that it is more workable in-country for wider use than most company and corporate cultures are accustomed to.


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