Many rich kids have a sense of entitlement?

If you think many rich kids have a sense of entitlement, and certainly many do: the stories told of Obama as teenager, George Herbert Walker Bush as college grad, the children of the “elite” secret societies that George Carroll talked about in “Tragedy and Hope”, George Soros (a Jew who was saved from the Holocaust by a Nazi Jew-hunter), the Rothschilds (who played cards nightly for a time with Adolf Eichmann in their mansion and who were deported instead of exterminated), the children of extortionist tax-collection regimes of bloated government political operatives that Jesus Christ spoke of in Matthew 17:24-27, you’re right. And the Red Diaper Doper Babies as one of the top two talk-show hosts calls them.

But those are the ones you see flaunting the wherewithal of their parents. There are others who cannot be so ostentatious, because the entitled political class has them pacified with food stamp crumbs. Demagogues tell them they deserve to be entitled just because the “rich” are entitled.

But the demagogues work for those spoiled little rich kids that grew up to be cocaine-party governors and presidents harassing interns, and throwing bombs around in drones just because they can.

Nobody is “entitled” to another person’s wealth no matter who has how much of anything. Everybody knows it’s wrong to steal because when somebody steals from them they know that’s wrong, and it does not matter if the thief is poor or that the thief is a government that *says* it steals for the poor but takes the lion’s share.


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