Big eyes and attribution

“Big Eyes,” the new movie directed by Tim Burton, provides some insight as to why people continue to support IP despite all the logic and evidence. The film is the true and very compelling story of Margaret and Walter Keane, and the paintings of children with big eyes that made such a huge splash in the 1950s and 1960s.

The attitude Jeffrey Tucker describes toward Walter Keane is the one I now have against all the big “monopoly pimps” who make a market of government monopoly grants. Almost nobody in Hollywood that “owns” a copyright for a movie or a piece of music was the one who created it. They are only mediators between the creator and consumer and take all the percentage off the top that their monopoly will tolerate.

The guy that invented the inner tube, for example, for Goodyear I think it was. The guy got a small prize for the idea he put into a suggestion box. That was it. His great big corporate employer made millions from the monopoly grant for his idea. He never begrudged this discrepancy.

Which also shows that ending this farce of copyright and patent and “intellectual property” will not hurt innovation but only help. And this hasn’t even touched the way the mercantilists rob the “intellectual property” from people who have scant resources to fight back. Even a well-known figure such as Tesla is not properly credited.


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