California drought

Solutions are obvious to the California drought. Lobbyists, politicians and collectivist ideological blindness are the obstacles in the way.

One, let the water happen as a free market, from the very source to the very end. Rationing is at its heart, price control. Price control is a top-down central planning practice, dictated by the political class. Central planning never works for both its purposes. Sometimes it’s imposed in a misguided attempt to be “fair”, water being the most essential substance for existence. Sometimes it’s meant for a more malevolent purpose.

In either case, rationing always creates a parallel market, whether that parallel market is for the favor of the political class (like the agro interests denoted above though the political lobby), or a black market for the same goods. The Soviet Union, for example, had a thriving black market. The drug wars have only created one of the most sophisticated smuggling practices in history.

That’s one solution, free the market from political constraints. People who love their daffodils, let them pay through the nose for them. That will help finance improvements in the delivery systems for everybody.

Another solution is for the individual victims of this attack on sanity. I keep telling my relatives to move out of California. A great many businesses have done this. If you live on the shoreline in Florida then I should not be forced to subsidize your high-value waterfront property from my pocket, nor should anybody force others to finance your recovery.


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