Reporter: Veterans coming back “ready for war”? Not FEMA or DHS?

Somebody gave the go-ahead on another elitist theme. The reporter is asking whether some of these “young people” that are veterans are “ready for war”:

Remember Janet Napolitano’s hit list of bad guys that the DOJ was giving out to local and state police officers way back when? It was leaked from a “Fusion Center” in Missouri. The Fusion Centers are where they mix the local and state police agencies and train them to work together. That’s why they are “Fusion” centers: they are “fusing” the local and state law enforcement into being arms of D. C. law enforcement.

Bush started up a civilian “watch force” that recruited local businessmen to be “eyes and ears” to watch out for homegrown terrorism. Eyes on you, conservatives. Eyes on you, mavericks. Cover story Muslims.

The list got leaked during Napolitano’s watch. It’s the one that included “Ron Paul” bumper stickers as a red flag indicating trouble. Since policemen are deliberately filtered for limited IQ, one wonders how many laughed at that. They don’t want smart guys that can figure out their game, I guess.

On Napolitano’s list was also RETURNING VETERANS as potential trouble makers to watch. For me, it was hard to tell whether the reporter lady was referring to veterans in the Baltimore police force or veterans among the rioters. Or maybe she was just throwing it out there as part of the initial phases of a preemptive move against veterans joining forces with the people against the left-fascist regime that is fast consolidating under Obama.

After all, in any civilian uprising —like say if the D. C. regime were to start provoking and attacking certain domestic targets– independent-thinking veterans will be their biggest threats.

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