The Revolution will not be televised?

I was there in the 1960s.

There would be no showing of the violence if the violent had been absent, as they were absent in Selma. In other words, the only violence we see in Selma back then is law enforcement.

As an anarchist, I know that those who used to be peace officers are now “law enforcement” officers, and the laws they enforce are their own “lawful” orders, the same as the unconstitutional orders that emanate from the WH, Congress and the Courts.

The tireless exposure of unlawful laws unfolds at the news links I check dialy at


“….As a young white girl, I at first felt out of place, marching alongside people who endure struggles everyday that I will never understand because of the color of my skin. But as we neared City Hall, the leaders of the protest reminded everyone that it takes people of all races to make change. The revolution needs black people, white people, Asian people, Hispanic people — everyone. Approaching City Hall, the streets of Baltimore rang with passionate people chanting, “The people united will never be defeated.”…”

As a white man who grew up in the Tower Grove area of St. Louis, guys from around 12th Street east of Grand Avenue got only trouble in my neighborhood. And when I went back to the 12th Street area with a buddy from a third neighborhood, he told them I was from 36th Street.

So I do know some of the struggles. A cop bragged to me once that they had cleared the Tower Grove area of all the bad guys, rattling off a bunch of names I recognized.

White guys get beat up all the time at the hand of cops, white guys, and black guys. Black guys get beat up by lots of black guys too.

Black lives matter, and the most numerous killers of blacks in the USA today are blacks. Why are the only ones addressing this problem –in the media– “conservatives”? There are lots of black-folk video on Youtube on this, but if the Administration really cared about black lives they would get Obama to PARDON ALL NON-VIOLENT DRUG OFFENDERS RIGHT NOW!. They would SHAME BLACK THUGS AND WHITE THUGS TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER, starting with WHITE AND BLACK POLICE!

And they would BACK OFF from militarizing all the civilian police forces. They would back off from trying to turn all the local and state police into subjects of the National Surveillance and Police State.

In any case, without the Prince of Peace, there is no peace. St. Patrick, the former slave, and after him his disciples and their disciples, shamed Europe in the first few centuries A. D. into giving up slavery.

The love of Christ constraineth me.

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