The worst Left-fascists will eliminate their competition first

That is my warning to leftists for a long time.

When you support leftist censorship and getting Christians and conservatives fired from prominent jobs they deserve, remember…

The first victims to fall when left-fascists get power are leftists. As soon as Lenin’s Bolsheviks violently took power from the more tolerant and peaceful leftist democracy of the Mensheviks (NOT the Czars), they (1) eliminated the Mensheviks and then (2) they eliminated the other socialist factions, then (3) the ones that today would be called “liberals”, and then (4) they went to work on killing all the Christians and the krulaks (peasant farmers who owned small plots of land), and along the way they obliterated any opposition to their own candidates among the “workers’ soviets”.

Unions and workers rights died miserable deaths during those “Ten Days that Shook the World” in 1917 (John Reed).

That’s the way socialism works. That’s the way collectivism works. A few agitprop infiltrators can whip mobs into frenzies. Demagogues know it. Elect me, I’m poor. Elect me, I’m rich and don’t need the money. Elect me, I’ll loot the rich and spread it to the poor. After I take my major chunk, I deserve it for giving out crumbs. Let them eat food stamps!


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