For honest elections, all-paper secret ballots and OPEN COUNTING FOR ALL TO SEE

Being an anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe anybody has the right to vote for any coercive territorial political office that involves extorting wealth from constituents without a mutually agreeable contract, with armed enforcement. I don’t have the right to take from you without your permission, even to protect you. Meaning I am against there being any position of political power or office that would justify any voting for any government. If you want to tell me what I can or can’t do, ask me first and get a voluntary agreement for me.

That said, the history of union tactics, Mob tactics, and rigged elections (like in Venezuela now and in Chicago) shows that a truly secret ballot is the best way to protect the ballot from violence and threats. Yes, those are supposed to be secret ballots in those places but it doesn’t matter. Think open voting in North Korea. Assuming every single person voted 100% what they wanted to, in the second election the only people left alive to vote would vote for the government. Saddam Hussein’s 100% showing would be close to the truth.

But your proposal points the way to what WOULD be right, and that is, OPEN COUNTING of the ballots. In some places anybody and everybody that wants to can watch the voting AND the counting. But FIRST let’s have a war on electronic voting. Voting should be on PAPER ballots, period.



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