Origins Q-A

“Like I said, just because YOU don’t understand the science, does not mean it’s wrong.”
==> Like I said, just because YOU don’t consider the science, does not mean it’s wrong.

“Like I said, NOBODY knows how the Universe began or how life started on Earth.”
==> So stop pretending you know how the Universe did NOT begin or how life did NOT start on Earth.

“But you’re the one trying to explain “gaps” with your ‘divine foot’.

==> Go back and read. The “gap” thing is an anti-creationist deflection, an illusionist trick, to deflect attention from the IMPOSSIBILITIES of (1) getting something from nothing, a contradiction of the laws of thermodynamics, while there has NEVER been ANY experimental discovery of ANY exception to those 3 laws, or of (2) a sophisticated digital computing system with a completely arbitrary symbolic programming language that provides the blueprints for life that CANNOT spontaneously appear in pieces, (3) the anthropic principle, (4) the multitude of Darwinian predictions and long-age cosmological predictions that have been contradicted by evidence in the most significant manner… There are dozens, hundreds of facts from the real world like this that have to be ignored. Occam’s Razor eliminates Darwin, not the other way around. ==> Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary explanations.

“Why? Why does that make more sense to you than rational explanations?

==> What is is irrational is to deny that every action requires a reaction, or conservation of energy, because nobody has found even one experimental exception to it, something unique in science.

“Before Harvey proved that blood circulates through capillaries, nobody quite knew how circulation worked, or why. Was it more ‘divine’ then? If one day we create life from non-life, what does that do for your divine foot?”

==> See, that discovery shows how REAL science works. The young-earth creationist Isaac Newton also said that physical laws prove divine creation. But there have been dozens even hundreds of discoveries that should have been an obvious killer of Darwinian religious dogmas, but since it is based on blind faith in pagan myths, some dupes keep on believing in that fantasy.

“Since you mentioned birds, what about Archaeopteryx? It had teeth and feathers. Was it a bird or a dinosaur?

==> You didn’t get the memo from the skeptical (secular) paleontologists? Nature magazine published the article in 2011, and another in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society in 1984, that knocks that thing back to a regular dinosaur like the rest of them.
==> Note that it was conveniently discovered two years after Darwin’s book came out. A few years later there was Piltdown man. One self-ID’s “evolutionary biologist” called me a liar because I told him Piltdown was a fraud. Piltdown and Hoeckel were still in my son’s high school biology books in the 1990s. Those books also never mention that glaring lack of any continuum of transitional fossils connecting larger groups of kinds.

“Again, someone who believes more in magic than in facts. When the car breaks down, do you call a mechanic or a faith healer?”

==> I have met many people who were healed after prayer. Many double-blind studies showed significant correlation between “intercessory prayer” followed by healing. Your life from non-life is not even magic, it’s been PROVEN WRONG in laboratories. Millions of generations in the bacteria experiment have resulted in, wait for it, the exact SAME type of bacteria.

“Like I said, not knowing something does not then mean ‘god did it’.”

==> No kidding. Gods’ not responsible for the intentional ignorance of blind faith in modernized pagan-era myths.

There’s a difference between not knowing something vs. intentionally avoiding consideration of the real-world facts. Denying that the evidence shows what it does show means “willfully ignorant”, as predicted in Romans One.


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