Fairy tale for Adults or Divine Foot in the Door?

I gave you your own fairy tale in the words of the High Priest of Paganism that tell you they are scientists. That’s THEIR history of the cosmos, and yours, not mine. It’s YOUR god of the gaps, not mine.

Your universe is 98 percent pure fantasy, just to avoid a “divine foot in the door”.

Nothing was nowhere because there was no space, and it was before there was time. But paganism cannot sound like science unless you follow the delusion with a fancy word, so call it “Singularity”.

All of a sudden Nothing exploded into Something and it grew space really really fast and all of sudden it was the entire universe in a “nutshell”. It exploded out so fast that it contradicts everything else we say about “science” so we just call it another fancy god-of-the-gaps word, Inflation.

Then everything cooled down to lots of swirling hydrogen then helium then became stars that created heavier elements that shot off into rocks and comets that clumped up. Blah blah.

Then although Pasteur proved there is no spontaneous abiogenesis we know it happened because the alternative is a divine foot in the door.

Then comets and rain pounded on a cooling earth and then a miracle happened here! Bacteria crawled out of the mud. Or the oceans. Or the clay. But shut up the guy that said “clay”, because we cannot allow a divine foot in the door.

And then another miracle happened. But we don’t call it a miracle because we don’t believe in them, heh heh, wink wink. We call our miracles by another name. The case of the million Flash-creations. Oh, no, not another “hopeful monster” theory, oh no, because we don’t believe in miracles. We just believe in the birds hatching from reptile eggs over a few generations that happen so fast you can’t see it at all in any bones anywhere.

After all, global floods don’t happen that often.

Forensics, and the coroner’s science, study the evidence or not of design. But we cannot have that in physics or chemistry or cosmology or astronomy or geology or biology, because we cannot have a divine foot in the door.

Because the universe created itself. Anthropic principle constants of physics and chemistry and astrophysics, and the proof that life does not arise spontaneously from non-life, and the fossil forensics, and the flood geology, and the flood anthropology, cannot be considered, because it’s much easier to believe than the alternative divine foot that we cannot allow.


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