Louisiana bans cash for second-hand transactions

“Forcing Cajuns to Go Cashless”:

Co-author of the bill Rick Hardy claims this is to help the police catch criminals who sell stolen goods.

But pawn shops are exempt!

Joseph Salerno wrote the article. He thinks this is just another revenue grab by politicians who want more money to spend on things they want. It is that, of course.

But it’s also another step toward the cashless society they are looking for, so that the de facto ruling group in the shadows can watch our every transaction, every move, and police every nook and cranny.

This is only one state, but the idea has been kicked around everywhere.

Ecuador is already converting to an all-electronic currency. The Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13 is most likely an embedded chip with ID information. It might even be a carrier of some electronic cash; many Bitcoin owners already carry their bitcoins on a flash drive.

Bitcoin owners believe they are part of a currency exchange that is independent of government, and out of sight. But there are only a handful of servers around the world that carry the information necessary to make it reliable and secure.


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