Corruption in government

Chicago water security guy recorded on open mic showing the new employee around:

It’s the way of government, and yes, Democrat Party is worse at it, but the Republican Party is hardly better.

But just think. EVERYTHING government does is inefficient, encourages corruption, attracts the power-hungry and the psychopaths and the smooth con artists like no private capitalist enterprise ever could.

Used to be like Toqueville said, “America is great because America is good”, but he was talking about the PEOPLE, not the rulers in Washington. That’s why they had to have several generations of the Fed, income tax, a sneak takeover of the public school system, a ridicule campaign against creation science and the Bible, starting at the beginning of World War II, and corrupt milk-toasty watered-down counterfeit Bible versions, before they got enough gullible serfs to really do the damage.

Think about it though. Even the military forces (1) have to obey the bought-off traitorous civilian government, (2) buy stuff they know isn’t safe, (3) order troops into battle with both hands tied behind their back, and (4) shut their mouths when Bush says it’s the GENERALS that tell him they don’t need more than X number of troops to “do the job”, and (5) put gays and transgenders and little itsy-bitsy girls into the front lines to face off the worst desert rats in the world, and (6) they have to hide the rapes and abuses of women in war like they did with Jessica Lynch, who now blasts the way they covered her ordeal.

This is NOT the military that won World War II. And they are being used at the service of the presidential sycophant generals and the rich and the one-worlder international bankers and God-haters. They no longer work for “the people”. The soldiers on the ground and under fire I’m sure are mostly well-intentioned but it’s time to recognize that the worst enemy of the people of the US and the Americas is not overseas, it is right here “at home”, or at least in the capital of THESE United States.


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