KJB and Scofield

Even so, there are many Christians I have known that use the NIV or NKJV to good effect and even growth in the Lord, although never as much as the pure words of God of the KJB.

I have read that Scofield himself had said that he created this annotated Bible because Americans would not accept a different Bible “translation”. Americans were the hardest nut to crack with new “versions”. So he did a Darby-like annonated Bible that taught the new “dispensations” doctrine.

God has no respect of persons. There is no Jew nor Greek in Christ Jesus, nor is there a person under one law of God and somebody else under another. Paul’s arguments go on and on in all the detail you want about how nobody in any time or place earns the credits to guarantee salvation. Quite the opposite.

God does not share credit, he is a jealous God, therefore a religion of works never worked nor ever will work. A religion of one set of DNA over another never will either, even though a clear distinction of a flesh-based DNA test of who is truly Jewish will never trump Paul’s reference to who is a Jew.

The pre-Tribulation Rapture was another Darby intromission into the Bible by way of notes. There’s a lot to this subject, there are a great many OT not just NT verses that condemn works religion, that make clear that the kingdom of God is “taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof”.

And certainly God cannot bless a nation that still curses the son of God and denies that God is come in the flesh. And even the Orthodox Jews do not recognize the secular government of Israel as a “Jewish” government. It was founded by “secular” European Zionists as a socialistic nation, whence the emphasis on kibbutzes.

Wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them.


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