FBI is good at stopping their own plots

So, the FBI found another two “fall guys” to take the hit for the propaganda campaign to spook the public over ISIS.

Almost none of the stories about the two ladies arrested for plotting to plant bombs in the service of ISIS mention that this was an FBI-initiated operation, and that the FBI gave them the Anarchist Cookbook guide on how to do it. Maybe it was the FBI that planted the idea in their heads too, like with the first World Trade Center incident in 1993.

The under-reporting in the first incident was scandalous. In testimony during the trial in that plot, it was revealed that the FBI paid an informant $1 million dollars, that’s $1,000,000 to give this Islamic study group the idea for it, overcoming protestations that they knew nothing about how to do it, with the informant promising to supply the explosive chemistry for it, to be supplied by the FBI. The FBI told the informant that they would give him an inert chemical for the plan. The powder supplied by the FBI, though, was the real thing. The informant was alarmed at this, but was reassured that the FBI would stop it at the last minute. The FBI did NOT stop the plot and plan that they had initiated with the small group, that they had supplied the know-how and the weapons for.

This last decade the FBI stopped several more plots that they themselves initiated. Given their giant hunger for good publicity, it’s probably safe to assume that they have stopped more fake plots than real ones. And now, the trend seems to be arresting people who do nothing more than plans to join ISIS overseas. (ISIS is the new name for al Qaeda bad guys).

Here’s one list from the NYT:

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